10 Golden Tips for Safer and Healthy Diwali

Diwali is fun but it’s mandatory you purchase it from some reputed crackers shopping site to enjoy the overall joy and comfort. Getting crackers from unreliable brand or sites can lead you to burns, injuries or other extreme conditions. To safeguard yourself, here are some of the golden tips you can follow to have a healthy and safe Diwali.

Tips for Safe Diwali

Keeping reading below to check out the tips you need to ensure for having a safe Diwali


Diwali is the festive of lights, new clothes and much more, while bursting crackers it’s important you wear cotton clothes, avoid wearing synthetic material to avoid major fire accidents.


Preparing different kind of sweets during Diwali is special, you can checkout colorful sweets which tempt you to have at least one and it’s really hard to resist. The truth is that Indians easily get through diabetes and its advised people to less the intake of starch and sugar.

You also need to stop intaking chemical preservatives indulged sweets as there are high chances for causing liver, kidney damage, cancer and asthma attacks.

Another important sweet to avoid during diwali is the sweets with silver coating as they are often aluminum adulterated which is one of the harmful metal that can easily get accumulated in body tissues and enter the brain.

The site you are purchasing

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Taking care of your children

Instruct your children and tell them about the crackers burn and how to burst crackers safely before they start bursting. Educate about child safety and other related items to protect them in the case of burns or injuries.

Fire Extinguisher

It’s good and useful if you are having a fire extinguisher in the area where you burst as there are high chances for fire to happen, you can also make use of a bucket of sand or water to tackle or protect an unexpected fire.

Diyas and Candles

Diwali is the festive of colorful candles, diyas etc which helps in spreading the happiness and joy among your friends, neighbours and family members. Make sure there are no inflammable materials near to candles or diyas for the safer celebration.

First Aid Kit

This is the first safety precaution that can help in any situations, first aid kits can help you from major injuries and can be treated immediately from home itself.

Avoid Closed areas

Its advised not to burst firecrackers in any closed area as there are high chances for massive hazards to happen in the closed area when compared to the open area.

Pet Safety

Most of them love pets, they do not like the sounds of crackers as they get frightened easily. So you need to sensitize your pet with some similar sounds to tackle the situation, do not leave the pets alone and do not keep any crackers near to the pets home.

Discard Used Fireworks

It’s important you discard the used firecrackers immediately so that you will not feel any hurts or burns due to it.

Spread the joy, happiness and enjoy the beautiful festival with more fun and keep yourself safe and healthy by getting the powerful low noise high quality crackers from our Shopcrackersonline.com

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