Wonderful Diwali Cracker Games For a Blast of Fun

diwali crackers game

Diwali is one of the grand festivals which bring fun and togetherness. Diwali is fulfilled with bursting firecrackers that light up the sky with showers of fire and make a loud bang.  You can’t stop kids from enjoying and having fun but it is important to be careful, so take some precautions to enjoy the festival safely.

Make sure that crackers are burnt in open areas because it can be risky to light and burn them at closed space or homes. Diwali is a festival of lights so without crackers, it could be incomplete. Enjoy this festival with colorful crackers, lights, sweets with your loved ones, celebrate this auspicious festival together.


Sparklers are one of the great cracker games which are loved by kids and adults. Kids like this cracker because of its color and for the glow. You can get high-quality crackers from our website www.shopcrackersonline.com and have a lot of fun. A sparkler is a type of hand-held cracker that burns very slowly but produces a colorful light, flames, sparks and other effects.

It will be covered in a shiny wrapper around the hard shell to give you a good spark for a long time. There are different sizes and colors such as red, green, blue, golden star, cracking star, twinkling effects and many more. These sparklers add light to every occasion and are beautiful to look at. Its flames will produce different colors and all you have to do is view the glitter like a million stars.

Colorful Matches:

The color matches look same as safety matches but when you begin to lit, it produces the colorful flames which may be green, red, yellow or any other. It visually appeals to kids and adults and this game can be done only during Diwali period to add extra brightness and elegance to the house.

The matches can be lit up to a number of rainbows in a single flame, so you can enjoy while lighting the matches. It is one of the safest firecrackers so even children’s can play this cracker game with their friends and family members. The sparkles from the matches add sparkles to your life. They light up quickly as they come in contact with the flame. It emits colored sparks that looks amazing when you burn it on an auspicious day.


Rocket crackers are the main attraction of the Diwali festival. Would you love to see the bright lights and sparkles along with a loud sound? Then it is the best choice to select the bomb rockets. The rockets are good for Diwali celebrations; it adds a festive mood to everyone.

The great benefit of buying rockets is it goes up to the sky and bursts with a loud sound which really makes you feel happy and bright. You can buy this firework at a very reasonable rate by just clicking our ShopCrackersOnline website and have a wonderful time. You can fire this cracker by just keeping it in the glass bottle and now it will be ready to fly in the sky by spreading its wings.

Twinkling stars:

Twinkling star crackers offer wonderful display while burning, enjoy this Diwali with twinkling star crackers. Everyone loves it for the sparkles, shower, and the glow. It causes low pollution and emits less amount of smoke which is highly beneficial and it comes with an attractive firework display.

With sparkling fire shooting as high as the stars, this cracker gives a good visual treat. The sparks come from the wire-like cracker till the very end of it. The twinkling stars will be great to enjoy for Diwali night.

Have a happy and safe Diwali. Enjoy your Diwali night with these cracker games.

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