Unique Diwali Gift Ideas 2018

diwali gifts

Any memorable event without gifts shall not bestow complete contentment without gifts. That too when it comes to festivals like Diwali, exchange of gifts can replicate your joy by several folds. Exchanging sweets, dresses, firecrackers etc are common activities which anyone can do on Diwali. But gifts are something special, which are unique for you. Also, swapping gifts shall also endow can accentuate the intimacy between those folks. But, what are you going to reward to your lovable ones for this Diwali? Slow down! Let me tell you some gift ideas and I have listed them below for your convenience.

  1. Homemade Chocolates

Unlike olden days, not all women are interested in making sweets in their kitchen. They just get sweets from the shops and they want to be free on that day and that cannot be condemned as well because they deserve a break. But, how can they get sweets on Diwali? Yes, people get those sweets from the nearby sweet shops. As years run, people forget the real taste of homemade sweets. So, you can make some sweets in your kitchen and give those to any person of your interest and certainly it would serve as a wonderful gift.

  1. Dress

Nothing provides the exact satisfaction in celebrating Diwali like a new dress. Especially, children are very much fond of new dresses. Purchase some nice looking dress with a good quality and offer that as a gift to the persons you deserve. If you think the person whom you are going to gift has children, then you have to find some dresses for them too.

  1. Earthen pots

These items are commonly available throughout the country. But, how can you customize an ordinary earthen pot, to look like something unique? Simple enough. Just paint the top of the earthen pots with bright paints. Accommodate it with some chocolates and offer the whole pot as a gift.

  1. Watches

No one on this earth would ignore the gift when he/she knows that it has a watch inside. Do you think people think people wear watches to know the time? No. Most people look only on their smartphone to know the time. Rarely people go for watches. Then what makes people wear it? It is for nothing, but wearing a watch can show the person to be superior. I hope that this is the reason for that.

  1. Statues of God

Statues are also good gift ideas but don’t go for heavy one and really big ones. Just pick the idols which are about the size of your hand. I suggest you pick a metal one over a stone statue in order to show your standard. Picking Ganesha and Lakshmi idol would be a wonderful piece of gift at the Diwali time.

  1. Greens and bonsai

This is one the cheap and best method of gifting to a person. Not only the person but also the environment is also gifted by the green saplings.  Find some unusual trees or flowers which are not dominant in the vicinity of your dwelling. Such tress would get a lot of care and concern when compared to trees that are available in that region. You can also go for bonsai trees, which recipients can use as ornamental plants.

  1. Lamps and lanterns

Not all people will be ready to give away this gift on a day of the special occasion. Check out the nearby market to get some colorful and well-designed clay lamps. Buy some of them and you can pack them as a gift to your neighbor. Lanterns of various models can also be awarded as gifts.

  1. Mobile accessories

There are so many persons in this world who just focus on buying the smartphone. They underestimate the usage of small accessories and they never buy that. You can get those items for your neighbor in the name of a gift. Try to get some pen drive, card readers, phone stand, mobile cable and such other small items for your neighbor and that would be a great gift.

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