2018 Puja Special Timing for Diwali


Diwali is one of the festivals in India which has been celebrated for centuries. Normal people celebrate Diwali by wearing new dresses, making sweets, and also by bursting firecrackers. Apart from bursting crackers, people also offer their daily offerings and prayers to God early in the morning. People find a water body and perform their sun salutation early in the morning. After performing the salutation, people go back to their homes and do their routine work. Some people fast till the puja is complete while others don’t follow such rules. The puja time does not pertain to the typical clocks we use in our daily life.

This clock which people have in their mind is completely astronomical. There are almanacs which say about the everyday position of the moon, sun, and all other planets that revolve around the sun. It is this almanac which people believe in all terms of spiritual aspects.

Of course, we know that Diwali falls on a new moon day. By the way, what is a new moon? New moon occurs whenever the sun and moon come in a straight line. In other words, they lie in the same angle with reference to a place on earth.

But how long is a full moon going to last? If your answer is one day, then you are wrong. For our convenience, our ancestors have divided the lunar plane into 15 parts called tithi and each tithi is 12 degrees. Calculating we will get the exact time of new moon time to be around 3 hours. Depending on the moon’s rotation, this duration of 3 hours can lie anywhere in a day. It may be early morning, noon, evening or evening or midnight.

It is this time which is good to do pujas and other ritual works regarding Diwali. Remember, we invoke Goddess Lakshmi in the puja who brings prosperity and wealth to all of us. As per Vedas, we consider, the moon as a brother of Goddess Lakshmi as they were born from the same place, the milk ocean and that’s why we rely on the position of the moon for the exact time of puja.

Adult persons who are well known about the puja can fast till the exact timing of the puja comes. But, don’t insist the children do so. Let them enjoy the day with a satisfied food. God won’t turn down on children doing such mischievous deeds. In fact, such childish activities should be admired.

Apart from this information, there is another muhurat called Pradhosa Kala which is also a suitable time to perform puja. Many people rely on the Pradhosa Kala for doing their puja. But, stay away from the Raagu kalam and yemakanda kalam as they, not suitable time to do the puja. Another muhurat called Chohadiya muhurat should also be avoided as they are suitable only for travel.

For the year 2018, the exact puja timings are given below which you can refer to

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 5.57 pm to 7. 53 pm

Total hours = 1 hour 55 minutes

Pradhosa Kaal = 5.27 pm to 8.06 pm

Amavasya Tithi Begins = 10.27 pm on 6/Nov/2018

Amavasya Tithi Ends = 9.31 pm on 7/Nov/2018

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