Traditional Diwali Rangoli Designs With Flowers

diwali flower rangolies

Enjoying a festival with sweets, dresses, relatives, firecrackers etc alone will not make your enjoyment complete. Flowers are sacred things which give honor to any person. You might have seen public meetings in which flowers are showered on someone; it shows blessings. On the other hand, garlands are offered to the gods as an honor. From this, we can infer one main thing that flowers are used for representation and glorification and I am sure that no one can dispute for this reason. It’s almost time for a great festival, Diwali and how are you going to glorify your house with flowers. You can do it by making flower rangolis inside your house. Here are some simple ideas which you can use to enlighten your house with intense laud.

flower rangoli

Look at this flower rangoli. It has awesome designs and features with a variety of colors. You can also one like them for this Diwali and all you need are some flowers. Yellow and Orange marigold are the flowers which cover the major percentage of this flower rangoli. You can opt for other colors also but make sure that you get a supreme outcome.

flower diwali-rangolies

This is another flower rangoli which has been made up of orange and yellow floral parts. You should probably find some leaves for the central design. Pick a leaf such that it can look fresh for hours even after plucking from the plant. Find small flowers to complete any design because they can give you ample contentment when compared to big flowers.

flower rangoli

This is a simple flower rangoli for which you don’t have to spend a lot on flowers. You can fill the flowers in any patterns and order but make sure that you don’t get deviated from the main pattern.


It is wonderfully sculpted flower rangoli with exquisite designs. Look at the arches made at the circumference of the rangoli. If you notice keenly you can understand that they are filled with contrast colors alternatively in order to show the features well. In case, if orange has been used in the place of red, then this rangoli shall not be beautiful because those are almost similar colors.


In this flower rangoli, you can see a generous usage of flowers which makes it look superior. If you use the minimum amount of flowers, you can get a pattern, but you cannot get a fluffy look. Find a place to get flowers at a cheap price so that you can produce such elegant looks without any flaw.

diwali rangoli with flowers

As said earlier, marigold plays a vital role in making such flower rangolis. The next dominating color of this flower is white. Add flowers with different colors as per your taste and design. Do you see the heap of flowers in the middle with a traditional lamp? You can simply replace it with some glowing diyas to make your rangoli more attractive.


As said above, Diya lamps have been used all around the rangoli in order to make the rangoli more beautiful. The same circular arrangement of clay lamps can also be used at the middle to intensify the look of the rangoli.

simple flower rangoli

This is a cute little flower rangoli which can be designed just with the help of some flowers. Probably, you may need from 8-12 flowers to make this simple design. If you think you cannot afford money for flowers, you can just use this simple design to decorate your home with flowers.

diwali diya rangoli

Wow, What a spectacular rangoli! Like many other rangolis, you don’t have to take the petals out to make this rangoli. It is a neatly arranged sequence of marigold flowers which gives you a swastika symbol. Also, note the lamps at the middle; the wick for the lamp is facing upwards in order to prevent the darkening of the flowers with smoke.  Try this exceptional rangoli for this Diwali.


This is an excellent flower decoration technique flowers which you can do in your home. Find a big vessel in which you can fill water and allow the flowers to float as you see in the picture. Hope flowers of this kind are used for ornamental purposes in most of the houses and they cost nothing. All you need is some creativity and imagination and also it is crucial to remember that money is not a primary requirement for such floral decorations.

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