How To Keep Your Pets Safe & Protected this Diwali

Diwali is the best time for sweets, crackers, lights, unlimited gifts and fun, families and friends jointly celebrate this festival together by spreading love and happiness. Though diwali bring a lot of joy and fun, the loud crackers noise threatens the pets and therefore there are high chances for your pet to fear and feel anxiety.

There are high chances for terrible accidents to happen for your pets, we cannot simply neglect diwali just for the sake for the sake of your pets, we can’t leave the tradition as like because this is considered to be the cultural heritage with lots of morals and values.

Taking safety tips can only keep your pet healthy and stop them from getting disgusted, you can make few changes in your household or implement few of the below steps to stop your pets getting threatened.

Separate Room

You can allocate your pets a separate room while bursting crackers, this can reduce the sound caused due to the crackers. The colorful flashes and lights also fear the pets and there are chances for sight problems too in the case of pets, hide your pets from these glowing glitters and flashes.


Make use of heavier and thicker curtains to avoid the shadows, the fact is that the animals are more sensitive to the huge noise and this will lead them in barking and trembling.

Morning Walk

The fireworks that are louder can causes damages to their ears and other physical problems, take them to the morning walk and leave them at their familiar rooms. You can also use thicker ear muffs, or any softer clothes to reduce the noise.

Keep away the fireworks

Make sure the pets are not moving out from the house, keep the crackers and other fireboxes long from the pets. Do not provide any ghee filled or milk sweets as this can cause gastric disorders and bowel problems which can bring adverse health effects.

Short Fur

Keeping the fur to be short in the Diwali and other occasions will keep your pets safe and healthy, there are also high chances for the pet’s hair to graze against the candles, crackers etc and leads to scars and burns. Burn crackers high where your pets will not reach it.

Do not stop showing the love and affection towards to your pets, make sure you are not doing anything that can cause threatening look to them.

Enjoy this Diwali and make it as a pet friendly one to have more memories and joy!

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