What are the Traditions of Diwali and their Significance

India is filled with lot of cultural traditions and customs in which Diwali includes most of the rituals and this festival is the only one that is celebrated throughout the India by all religions. Lamps with oil are lightened and placed in rows throughout the home and this provides the colourful appearance.

There are different kinds of lamps namely handmade earthen lamps, clay lamps etc lightened and places on the darkest place of home on every windows, doorways etc to illuminate the home and this means you are welcoming the health and wealth inside the household.

There are people who still follow some intriguing and interesting rituals and customs followed even after a lot of technological advancement today. Diwali is considered to be the weeklong fest but the diwali preparations will be all set before a week itself.

Before two weeks of Diwali

Everyone used to neglect the unwanted items from their home and clean their house to make it neat, span and spic. The reason behind the cleaning is the belief of Goddess Lakshmi enters and provide the blessing only in a clean home.

Keeping this in mind, people keep their home clean even in nook and corners, they decorate their home with flower strings, streamed ribbons, hanging, flower petals etc. Mothers will start preparing delicious sweets for the Diwali.

Few sweets that are prepared during the festival indulges savouries and Mithais namely athirasam, seedai, sev, gulab jamuns, kai murukku, payasam etc. These sweets are prepared with lot of care and love, the list gets differentiated based on the country and area.

On the day of the festive, these savouries and sweets will be presented to god and then distributed to all friends, neighbors and family members. At the first day, people used to get silver and gold jewellery as the first day is one of the auspicious time to get the jewelry.

On the day of Diwali

On this auspicious day, all people used to get up early and takes oil bath to cleanse the soul, mind and body. Front of the home will be decorated with colorful rangolis to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

New clothes are adorned and younger persons are advised to get the blessing of the elders to have a prosperous and healthy life. Fireworks are burst with lot of joy and happiness, this indicates that they are celebrating the success of Lord Rama and his return to the exile. Crackers lightings will fade off the evil spirits and bring out positive energy to the family members.

Exchanging of gifts and parties will be hosted to celebrate the diwali with more fun and enjoyment. According to the Hindu Fables, the unique tradition of rolling the dice is preferred which indicated that Goddess parvathi will provide the good fortune for the ones who are playing dice on the occasion.

In short, Diwali is filled with more customs, traditions, excitement and fun to bring a lot of good luck and prosperity. Shopcrackersonline.com wishes you a very happy Diwali!  

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